May 27, 2008

Colour Prism or Prison

Harvest green, Sanddune yellow, Signal red

I have been through so many shades/ tints/ tones , these hues will now enliven our new home
Asian Paints has an enchnating collection of shades and an even better repertoire of names to go with them.

Buying the paint is exciting too- A coffee dispenser like machine gives you the shade of your choice as you key in the colour code into the computer. It has multiple options as in the qlty of paint , qty of paint, price, etc- very cool.

Anush's room is a pale blue and yellow combo with a decal of a ship and fish running right through the centre of all the walls.....


Blogeswari said...

Cool! Just got our house painted by Asian paints and it feels super good - This time we have gone maha green.

A yellow / maroon combo for the bedroom ; Lime green and burgundy for the other room ; Dark and light green for the guest room ; Living room is again a combo of two others greens, kitchen is green and office room is again, another green

Planning to post pics soon on the blog

Minka said...

Anush's room sounds inviting - pics please ! pretty please !

She paints beautifully ;-)

Artnavy said...

hey blogeswari- that sounds very interesting- did u try royale play?? know anyone who has?

minka- why pics- u will come in and see for yourself whenever the house is ready - possibly by June end :-))

Itchingtowrite said...

loved the painting she coloured.... talent shows

Artnavy said...

tnx itchy