August 29, 2007

Little round balls of delight!

PANI PURI/GUP CHUP/GOL GAPPA/ PUCHKA- call it what you like.

- The puri itself varies between different proportions of wheat and rava.
- As long as it is fresh and crisp it is acceptable
- The substantial part of the stuffing varies between black channa, kabuli chana, peas, moong, potato &/ or boondi
- The water of course could be tangy, spicy, minty, sweet or sour - as you like it

Any trivia on this?

Is its origin as romantic a discovery as chips or wafers which resulted from a chef who, in his frustration with a guest who wanted really crisp potatoes, went ahead and made wafers?


Anonymous said...

oh god. now you've made me ravenous. have to go and hit the desi chaat place in north ldn soon.


RJ said...

mouthwatering stuff!

timepass said...

arre, I am already craving for Mumbai chat and here u go... now my cravings have increased more after reading this post...

Swati said...

slurping ...:P