August 29, 2007

Hair Razing tales

You could also say raising or rising...all apply

I had fairly long hair when I was a kid. The daily battles to plait my hair, with ribbons, before 7am, when I left for school, caused annoyance and I went ahead with a Diana cut. And varied that in between with a mushroom cut or a blunt and the stereotypical " boy cut"

The huge comfort in this cannot be denied. But it causes your face to look fuller ( so I tell myself) and that is not a good thing when one has put on weight. It also makes you look a near man from behind when you are in those androgynous pants and shirt. Long earrings do not go too well and if it is a traditional festival/ occasion a nine yards surely looks ludicrous to say the least.

So each year or once in a while I decide I will grow my hair. Till the moment this unruly hair of mine turns me into a monster- it grows out horns- literally!!

Being too lazy to try hair sprays or gels and too anti straightening for fear of going bald, i opt for the quick fix and go back to a short" boy cut"

Maybe I could try hair extensions or a wig.....hmmmmm

Anyway I lost my patience and had a hair cut today. I feel FREE!


Anonymous said...

hey i've also had short hair for most of my life. i also go through bouts of wanting longer hair every now and then and have recently grown it out again. waiting to see how long i can resist the scissors this time!


Anonymous said...

I've had very short hair all my life and hever once felt the urge to grow it. Its maintenance free and looks pretty cool. I think it looks hot with saris actually esp with long earrings. And no, I don't think anyone would mistake me for a man (though i don't care if they do).

I think the trick with short hair is to (a) get a good stylist. Many people feel you can go to your local barber for short hair but I think you need to be more particular about your stylist for short, rather than long. hair. I found one in Bombay that I paid a fortune to (and travelled 45 min) but I wouldn't get my hair cut from anyone else. Ditto here in the States. (b) keep it extremely short and spiky. Typically that looks best - the Jean Seberg look. Also I've noticed that a lot fo Indian jewelry (other than nose rings) don't look too great with short hair. Esp mangalsutras. But I don't wear any jewelry so I'm cool!


Just Like That said...

Ooooh.. I so get you.

I love to see long tresses on others and my husband would love to see them on me, but the minute my hair touches my shoulders, it almost seems to itch, and finally I chop it short once it gets to just below my shoulders. Doesn't help that my tresses are not the luxuriant, flowing variety. :-(

Lavs said...

I have always had long hair. In fact, it used to be ten times thicker than what I have now.My mom being
a housewife found it easier to maintain my hair when I was a kid. At about 8th/9th std, I started
plaiting my own hair- Two foldes and tied with ribbon, not a mean feat I must say. These days,
I find it irritating to maintain my hair hence it has reduced in thickness. All my life I have been
having long hair that I am now scared to cut it. How will I look? What if others laugh at me? Just
when I muster courage and reach Beauty Parlour, the stylist there would have one look at my hair
and compliment me. I would lose my courage the to cut it down and return home with a trim to remove
split ends. This has happened four times. Now I plan to maintain my hair's length till kids are born.
Lets see what happens then.

the mad momma said...

oh i dont know.. long hair is just - SAFE. short hair is funkier and smarter. and i think all indian jewellery goes with it except maang tikkas!nose rings etc all look hot. i dont think the 9 yard would though....

WhatsInAName said...

I am with Lavs.... though gone a little ahead. I have got into the steps mode. Pony ka pony, and easier to manage!
But yeah, I am having a tough time maintaining my daughters hairs. Lets see when the patience snaps! :)

Noodlehead said...

hmm, strangely i always imagined you to have long hair :) i havent' cut my hair for precisly the reasons you've listed...sari wont go with it and long earrings (which i love) would look a lil out of place...not to mention my mother wud start her doomsday predictions!!