August 22, 2007

Back to School II

It is indeed a BIG decision to put your child in school- when I went through posts by other bloggers a while ago, it did not sink in as much.

The cocooning, the safety that you provide at home is no longer there. So if the floor is not so clean or another child has lice or a cold... Point is that you are no longer in control. This is as much a milestone for a parent as it is for the child.

Yes, I hear all of you there- they are building immunity, it toughens them up etc etc.
Letting go is never easy, but being a fairly intelligent adult, I accept that it is essentail.

Visited Navadisha, a montessori school near home, in Velachery, this morning.
The building is an inviting & beautiful hexagonal structure But the approach is awful and kuccha, made worse by the rains. The staff that we saw were unassuming and warm, very matter of fact and informative. Also they are the training centre for AMI and should be theoretically very sound in the Montessori system.

For toddlers who are 2 years upwards, there is a developmental program for 6 months. We have been asked to decide in a couple of days if we are interested with the usual talk that the vacancies are few and applicants many. Also that the movement into the core Montessori environ at age 3 will be a lot easier than getting admissions then!! Good part is that only 30 students per class in the higher classes. The children seemed active and alert and having Fun. The place is kept clean and offers a variety of activity.

But unless I see a couple of other Montessori environs how can I decide? The process reminds me of the time we were house hunting....

The closest contender, Abacus- we have not really had a chance to experince a session and would be due there only in March next year. And we do not have an assurnace of admission.

Story so far:
Vael's Billabong was the best laid out school we saw but it is way too far in Neelangarai on ECR. And I am unable to ignore the bad will in Mumbai about this brand- of coure may be related to the franchisee and not the brand itself
Abacus is the most reccomended and reminds me of my alma mater a lot.
Navadisha is the closest to home & the staff seem grounded but the approach road sucks
Tumble tots is only a gym not a playschool
Sunshine in Velachery we are yet to visit.

As a mother, I hope whichever school deserves Anush gets her !!


Swati said...

Yes , whoever deserves her get her ..true..ALL THE BEST.

Toughest milestone for parents for sure.

Anusha said...

tell me about it!!!!
I am having nightmares - am I doing the right thing? is this the right school? how will he do this? how will he say that? and so on.
hard to say who finds it more difficult - the parent or the kid.
will check your space for more updates.

Choxbox said...

art, i met the lady who runs navadisha at the UK montessori centenary conference last month!

AMI are very orthodox montessorians, very particular about the way they do things and hence i think it would be as hardcore montessori as it can get. my older child (aged 7.5) started at a montessori children's house at age 2.5 and is now in a montessori elementary. cannot recommend it enough.

a very close friend of mine has two cousins who went to abacus (i also happen to know these kids). they all praise it to the skies.

good luck with whatever you choose finally.

- namvor

Anonymous said...

Very true, deciding a good school is a tough proposition nowadays. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

There is Kids Central at kotturpuram (Ranjith Road)....which is better than vael's...Am sure Kottur puram is not too far from Valechery as compared to Neelankarai...
Please do try that...


Artnavy said...

namvor- i think this tilts more in favour of N- thanks for the reassurance

swap- thanks but even kotturpuram sounds too far fro pre school

kodi- my comrade in arms

swati- thanks!

Anonymous said...

Its really difficult to get the good school. Whatever school you put, do train them properly at home otherwise we Brahmins will get run over by reservation quotas. Inspite of all the marks we get, guys will much lower scores get admission in India. Time to abolish reservations and if Brahmins kids are bright, admit that and move on. Hopefully when our kids grow up, the quota system is abolished and merit gets due recognition in India, land of great sages.

Artnavy said...

brahmin- stop feeling victimised
merit will always win finally

Anonymous said...


Art, it's a long time since your original post on this subject. But I am curious to know which school was lucky to get Anush...and how's it going?

We would appreciate any feedback.

I have an 8 year old who goes to Navadisha. It WAS a wonderful Montessori. However, the school has grown. So the attitude of the people who run it.

We're considering a change for our little girl. So was curious for any feedback on schools.

Artnavy said...

grab- hope u read this- pl send me a mail at

i will respond to you

also i strongly believe that a school only does that much- a lot depends on the child and the environ at home

also note choxbox'x feedback

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