June 18, 2014

Once upon a crush

Being part of the old mommy blogger network in India, we all know Kiran. After her first fun book The Reluctant Detective, she is truly making waves with Once Upon A Crush. It is already a top seller in the Romance genre.

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The protagonist, Rayna De, could be my young cousin or any of her friends or even some of my younger workmates.However much a woman tries not to be defined by marriage and kids, society seems to demand/ lead her to that. And as you near the thirties, the tension mounts if you have not found Mr Right.

To add to that, Reyna's 'evil' boss makes her life a nightmare. She is capable but lands up in all sorts of problems. Enter Deven, a colleague and a saviour of sorts, given Reyna's tumultuous life.

But Deven is not exactly a solid rock and sends mixed signals, in Reyna's insecure view. What happens next and does Reyna 'settle down'? And with who?

Buy the book here and the e-version can be bought here

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