June 26, 2014

Forty Years of Togetherness

All kids love their parents. I am no exception.

Most grandkids love their grandfolks. My girls are no different.
Some sons in law get along well with their ILs. Navy is fortunate.

But not all parents are as selfless as mine. A big thank you Amma- Appa and all of our wishes to you as you complete forty years of wedded bliss ( well mostly ..heheh).


Anonymous said...

Hi art,

My very best wishes and regards to your parents...


Anonymous said...

"But not all parents are as selfless as mine."

Totally Art. It's not easy for our parents to change their lives in order to help us - so hats off to them! Here's wishing them many more decades of joy together.


How do we know said...

Happy Anniversary to uncle and aunty and this is a lovely message !