May 12, 2014

Number March

Number March by Nalini Sorensen is very well conceived. It challenges kids to relate their day to day lives to numbers and look out for interesting connections.
I did not even know there were 4 prongs on a fork but the book highlights such fascinating facts and trivia related to counting - ranging from planets to  history to animal life. The book has universal appeal as the references are not limited to just the Indian .

The creators have a teaser page with partial zoom in illustrations for each number- a 'hide' and 'reveal' style-  to encourage  kids to guess the answers for each number.

Kids also enjoy the march rhyme and counting the kids in the march past.

The colourful illustrations by Shraddha Pimputkar did not delight me as much as the ones in FunOK's earlier Alphabet Dress up. But my kids thought they were super cool and they are the intended TG.

The magic of this book will win kids and their parents over . The launch event was planned as a fund raiser for the Bal Asha Trust. The team planned on raising Rs 1 lac for the home and ended up with nearly 3.5 lacs. Its been their biggest fund raiser to date. Very inspiring. Here are the photos

Did you know? Initially the team had worked on numbers till 20 but the book was becoming too long so they stopped at 12. Perhaps there will be a Sequel???  So that we can get hold of interesting information like 'a rhino is pregnant for 15 months' and that 'there are sixteen pairs of spokes on a bicycle wheel' .....and so the Numbers will march on..........

Great going Preeti and team!! March on to success.
If you really need any more reason to buy this book, part of the proceeds go towards charity.

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