May 24, 2014

Holiday Special

To cap a lovely week, Anushka was thrilled to receive the Tinkle Holiday Special Issue. It is larger, glossy and rich in appearance as compared to the regular Tinkle.It has a mix of historical and fantasy fiction. There are interesting activities as usual- a detective play, a maze and the new welcome additions are the Riddles and the Word Play. The Vampire story and some of the art is pretty YA looking. Tinkle Holiday special features a behind-the-scenes take on the stories by its writers and artist. The Suppandi story is longer but  there is no Shikari Shambu or Amar.
Overall, a must have for the slightly older Tinkle fan!!
Anushka's rating: IIIIIII ( full power)

The girls went for three weeks to  a friendly neighborhood camp which turned out wholesome and varied in coverage. Very homely too. Am glad also because this afford some respite for my folks.

Both kids attended the swimming class for a fortnight and can manage well in the big pool. All thanks to Appa for motivating Adi who thankfully did not catch a cold till the last day of class!

S hosted a couple of creative bdays- Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Thomas.The girls were on a sugar and more high from them

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