May 19, 2014

Goonj resonates the Language of Love

Had a great weekend  catching up with ST friends- first Lav from Mumbai and then P from Chennai. What fun it was. Also had a session at Hamleys and indulged in some shopping while at it

Having done all that it is time to remember the not so ( materially) fortunate and share all the excess  we accumulate: books, toys, clothes, bags, games, anything (without an expiry date),  that we can be generous enough to give away to kids in rural India.
While this can be done through out the year, the best time is RIGHT NOW!
Just before schools reopen.

The organizers of the campaign (  hosted by Johnson’s Baby in collaboration with Goonj )  have collection centers where the items may be deposited. Those who are interested can give a missed call to 1800 267 6767/1800 267 2222 and they will be guided to the nearest collection center where they can give away stuff that were purchased with great care for their own children who have now grown up and/or have no use for them.

Call the nearest collection center and give away less needed clothes, toys, games and books and gift less privileged kids a smile ....Go here online to find the nearest collection centre.

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