April 03, 2014

Tradewind Books Three

We are thrilled to have got wind of  this wonderful publisher  .
Here is a review of three lovely picture books from Tradewind Books:

Anna carries water
by Olive Senior (Author), Laura James (Illustrator)

This book resonated with both my girls ( 8 and 4) and me. That is HUGE appeal, is it not? A lovely story of conquering your demons ( or cows), set in Jamaica with vivid illustrations in bold attractive colours.

To my four year old Anna seemed to be her- Small challenges, big problems to overcome and the itch to be like her 'grown up' sister.

Anush, my eight year old, loved the lush and vibrant illustrations and felt that sibling encouragement and water conservation were universal needs.

I enjoyed this book with its uplifting possibility of how fear, unfounded as it may be, can be overcome if only we tried. And the illustrations are full of little authentic details that you can savour even if you belong to a different culture.

Check pictures from the book by clicking on the illustrator's name.

The Flute
by Rachna Gilmore ( Author) , Pulak Biswas ( Illustrator)
A melancholy poetic tale, the protagonist, a girl child, Chandra, is orphaned and ill treated but remains hopeful and resilient and finally finds love. Rather 'sad' my child said in parts. It is much like a fairy tale, propagating the' evil step folks' stereotype yet paving the way for a happy ending.

Misery gives way to hope, the story swells and ebbs like the river.

The illustration is by Pulak Biswas (who passed away recently). It is stark and beautiful and captures the Indian rural milieu successfully with just red, blue, black and grey.

Night Sky Wheel Ride
by Sheree Fitch ( Author) , Yayo ( Illustrator)

The large full spread art, the text setting, play with fonts and arrangement of letters, the words themselves, of course- all make this book poetry in motion.

Wonder, sibling love and shared joys/ secrets, the urge to grow up and be allowed to do an exciting thing- imaginatively captured in words and art and interwoven to create an appeal that is larger than the sum of the two.

A charming book that will give you a giddy high or at the least prove to be an engaging ride/ read!!

The publisher sent me the books to review but I would have gladly bought two of these books had they been available here..

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