March 26, 2014

Random Update about Nostalgia

We held Vishnu Sahasranamam at home
Paati had wanted it but we did it after her anniversary
Amma made chakkarapongal, amma- appa  decorated the altar very well

We hosted Navy's school buddies- 10 of them at home- a reunion of sorts. Good fun they had.

Had a nice session at Cavalry cottage for Holi. Pics at the Arts Tales blog.

Have kept up my reading aloud to Aditi for the Bubble Ink Challenge- a picture book a day by theme
Sometimes I also read aloud to Anush.

Anush has taken on a month long challenge as well- she gets to paint a wall of her room in orange or turquoise if she does not reappear on our bed before 6am every night !


Shirisha said...

I must say very nice pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

the first picture is awesome.. who drew it?

Sujatha ramesh

Artnavy said...

Hi Suja

The first pic is drawn by me and coloured in by Aditi