January 28, 2014

Republic Day Celebrated

Adi played Lakshmibai at the apartment do.

She did an accurate job finally but I almost wished ( yes, yes, I am politically incorrect) she had goofed like she did at home- She kept saying queen of  the Jungle instead of Jhansi.

Anush recited a poem and sang the KAradi Just like you and was awarded prizes for it
In school news, she got recognised for her English elocution, made it to finals in Hindi poetry and enters the next round of the Science one.

Saw Jai Ho- tolerated it only because I am an SK fan
Saw Filmfare- some of the jokes really tickled, but felt BMB was over rated

Begun reading ( not narrating ) to Adi since she is keen to read. Jalebi curls and Ranganna are her favourites right now.

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padmamanasa said...

wow, that is soo cool of both the young ladies, God bless you! Kudos to you, I am amazed at the way you manage curricular & co-curricular for both of them!