November 29, 2013

Saalgirah Mubarak

A year has sped by in the not so new home!
November 30 2012 we moved in fully.

Looking back, there have been a lot of highs and a few lows.

S Paati was sure she would not live long after we bought this house.
She said she wanted us to get our own place in Bangalore and then move on.
She enjoyed her one month here and then went on to her final destination.

We have made lots of friends and there is a lot of kid friendly activity here.
Managed to host a story session, a golu get together, Navy's 40th special, a couple of fun b'day parties and many no reason fun meets, of course.

When we had the varicose vein scare from Amma, the neighbours showed they were friends first and put me at ease.  Now, Amma's recipes are in circulation again. Appa is seen as the most patient and resourceful person around. Navy is known as A& A's dad and is not very visible here as he gets home late and travels a lot.

A & A's mother has an identity of her own here as the women's lobby is pretty strong here. Am I glad!

Thanks Varnam Bangalore for being our home.


R's Mom said...

Wah! Super congrats on one many beautiful memories na :)

LOL on A&A's amma n appa eh?

Anubha Srivastava said...

Great to have you and your lovely family here Arthi :)