October 07, 2013

Golu 2013

Tried a different sort of Golu/Kolu this time with only our brass/ bronze idols, toys and lamps.
It was not bad at all.

Easier to set up? Yes,  of course! Given all the holiday and office travel, it made sense.

Wanted the marapachi ommais and was delighted that the first box I took from the attic had them!!
The kettle display shelf was turned into a backdrop and we made just three steps from stools and trunks.

Our first Golu in this home, we had a good turn out on Sunday. Lot of food and  music, some dance and some colour!


Anonymous said...

This looks simply stunning!

Anonymous said...

lovely Golu, Art..

where do you get Marapachi bommai in Madras?

Sujatha Ramesh

Anonymous said...

Awesome golu! Where do i get your Ranganna book in USA?(any websites like before?)

mim said...

I loved this golu...

it looks so visually stunning