September 23, 2013

Aditi turns Four

Wow, you turn four in a couple of days- on 25th. 

My squishy little sweetie pie. 
Paati's little chittu kurvi , 
Appa's Gubli gubba and 
Thaathu's and Anush's Aditi.

Here are four things you do very well:
- you charm your thaathu, appa and even your paati to do anything for you
- you come up with the funnest &  wisest observations at the least expected time
- you are warm and affectionate and express it without shyness
- you dance to any tune as if it was made just for you

Here are four things you need to know and I think you do:

- Your vocab can be vast but there is no room for 'katti' in it- don't let those who use it hurt you, they dont matter. Similarly you do not hurt anyone either.
- You are and you have to always continue to be respectful to all, old and young
 - There are body parts that are private.You can say NO if you feel uncomfy with anyone , anywhere, any time.
- No matter what, you can come to Amma and share your fears, mischief, joy, anything.

Here is the ONE thing I want you to know:
Amma yells often, loses patience with you, but she LOVES you. Nothing can change that. And I love akka and you equally-  but differently, like how you feel towards me and Appa.

And here is my birthday wish to you:
- keep dancing in gay abandon
- continue colouring outside the line, if you want to
- enjoy making up your own tunes and stories
- keep rolling out cute little rotis and insist on making pancakes batter yourself
- cut and paste and pour whatever you fancy , but please help to tidy up the mess
- keep learning Anush's songs just by hearing her learn, keep enjoying her hand me down clothes and books
- imitate Anush and play pretend / shop/ dress up with her ( she is a great example, you know it don't you.)
- play for hours in the sand ( no,that you can cut back a bit and your Ceebebies addiction too)
- enjoy school as much as you can ( unlike Appa, I hardly did, so I get your occasional disdain for it)


ranjani.sathish said...

Lovely post..really enjoyed reading it :-)))

Sri said...

Happy birthday to Aditi!

My daughter turns 4 on October 8th..

How time flies!

Sandhya said...

Happy Birthday Aditi!

supriya said...

Love the post.. I am sure she will treasure it :)

C said...

Happy bday to your lil one - mine just turned one and it all happens so fast.
Your comment about yelling I can relate to !!!