August 31, 2013

The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic

Dini, a Bollywood obsessed young girl is awaiting the Bollywood Queen- Dolly. Dolly is on her first visit to the US for the grand opening of her latest movie. She loses her passport and needs rose milk. Will Dini manage to get her all she needs- no- wants, including an elephant? 
Dini is assisted by Maddie, her American friend and an unlikely new friend they make.

That the world is a smaller place has never been truer.Children move continents , relocating and finding new friends and hanging on to some old memories. 
Laced with humor, Uma Krishnaswami weaves a lovely under current of how Indian children today, who shuttle between India and the US, manage to create a world all their own - a wonderful mish mash of what appeals to them on both sides.
The ensemble cast of the book- the Chef , the elephant keeper, the taxi driver, Maddie's mother, Dini's father- all stay with you long after you complete reading the book.
The Bollywood diva is a drama queen alright, but she has her moments and comes out as an affectionate, determined character overall.

An easy, engaging and light read for ages 8 and above.

To learn more,watch the book trailer:

And you can follow all of the unforgettable characters from The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic on Uma Krishnaswami’s blog tour!

Uma Krishnaswami is the author of several books for children, including the first story featuring Dini, Maddie, and Dolly, The Grand Plan to Fix Everything. She is also on the faculty of the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Ms. Krishnaswami was born in New Delhi, India, and now lives in Aztec, New Mexico.

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