August 15, 2013

Incredible India

In one of my posts on Shopping online, an anon blogger asked if we had considered moving to the US.

Certainly yes and vehemently dismissed the idea. Something that Navy and I have agreed on from the beginning. No reason to change our stand so far.

We cannot imagine life away from India except for a holiday.

There is enough variety, promise and opportunity here itself  as far as our interests go.
And the proximity to family outweighs anything else for us.

This Independence day and festive season, the things made by the kids for school and home:


How do we know said...

NICE! and happy birthday to Anushka!

Anonymous said...


I have been a quiet reader of your blog for couple of years. Love your blog. I used to love your post on current happennings in chennai. When i lived in chennai two decades back, a biweekly supplement published all the events around chennai. I used to make it a point to go landmark to get that supplement paper on thrusdays. After many years reading your blog felt like reading chennai supplement paper.

Love your kids and family posts. And yes living with /closer to family is the best gift. Never change this decision. People living abroad may say big deal about their life but basically we all live la life much worse than the maids in our indian home ; ). Driving a bazillion miles for work/kids extra curricular activities, cleaning the toilets in our mc mansions, doing laundry and ironing,cooking our food and not having any help whatso ever even when we are sick is a typical NRI life.

All the holiday pictures of europe, New york , los vegas, golden gate comes once a year at a cost of living a very hard life sacrificing even the basic luxury we had in India throughout the year. Nobody can afford maids,
Drivers or cleaners on a day today baisis except millionaires : ). And every NRI women wearing designer dress ,accessories have cleaned their own toilets .ha ha that's the reality of living in US and Europe. The biggest being away from our parents and relatives and missing all the things that made us happy growing up. Next time when a NRI talks about their grand ole life abroad think about this and have a good laugh.

Live a life with family ,with kids having a good time with grandparents. Life is all about making memories. Yes , inspite of living abroad some of us make our best give good memories to our kids by sacrificing our big fat pay check once we became mothers. Yet there is big hole in our memories being away from parents ,sisters and brothers. The hole that can never be filled by money.