August 28, 2013

Concert on Sunday- From Anushka's pen/ keyboard

S took Anush for a lovely concert for kids at Windmills Craftworks.

Anushka wrote me a mail about it, as I was away:

" The show was in the 5th floor . I do not remember where it was .
It was quite some time till the show started . I met my school friend , A  there .
The narrator Aarti  told us that we were going to listen to stories & hear music . There were 4 musicians & she told all their childhood stories . 
Jayanti is the girl's name . Every one in her family is  a musician (violin) . And in her house was a strange instrument , the Veena . Her aunt came from Singapore & played the veena . Jayanti too wanted to play the veena. She woke at 4 , veena 3 hrs after school 3 more hrs veena & finally went to bed .
Another story . Kumresh , a very good violin player . Secretly good cricket player also . Father did not approve . A school musical & cricket  . He could participate in only one of the two  . He chose cricket . Father furious. Got him removed  from team . He chose violin over cricket .
Satish plays mridangam & his brother plays too . He feels sad . But one concert his brother lets him play Awesome concert .World famous mridangam player. 
Pramat loves music . For b'day he got a  small instrument . He learnt to play it . Best thing is he could carry it in his pocket . Band came to find a new member . He was chosen for the band . Very happy .

I dont know who I am more impressed with- the sutradaar or Anushka's review.


Subhashree said...

So concise. Reminds me of how you write, points which lets you know what needs to be said. WTG, Anush.

Poppy said...

Felt like I was watching the concert myself !