July 08, 2013

Snow in Bangalore

We visited Snow City with very limited expectations and were happy with the cleanliness of the warm gear and the place itself.

Well organised but could not spend over 40 minutes due to the kids feeling too cold.

There is an ice block wall to climb and a couple of slides that are fun, there is music if you wish to dance in the snow. There is no ice skating or the like. The snow fall is more like a cold drizzle than snow flakes and the snow itself is more like crushed ice. The staff are pleasant and  efficient.

Good enough to take kids once for the experience if they have never seen snow.


Had  a hectic weekend with two dos for our newly wed cousins, hosted at our place and at my SIL's .
Also managed to resume the AV sessions though the venue is now changed and many of the kids are new

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