July 10, 2013

Classical Sangeet for tots

I was mighty taken up with the instrument petting session in DC

In Chennai and here, the music teachers I have come across, take kids only post 7 yrs for teaching classical vocal. Of course they have their reasons. But my feel iss that exposure ( and not in the form on lengthy kutcheris) can be provided to kids so inclined.

Here is something closer home which I heard about, wish they were in Blore as well.
All you Mumbaikar moms, make use of this!!

Little Ustaads (6 months – 5 Yrs)
Little Ustaads allows children and parents to discover and appreciate the world of Indian Classical music through rhythmic tunes, rich vocals, mini instruments and vibrant visuals. Each 45 minute structured session will expose the children to different raags, taals, sargam as well teach children about various Indian instruments and provide a fun jamming time!

Little Ustaads Gurus (4.5 Yrs - 7 yrs)
Little Ustaads Gurus, a Hindustani Classical Music program for 4 1/2 -7 year olds. Taking from the rhythmic tunes, rich vocals, mini instruments and vibrant visuals found in the Little Ustaads curriculum, Gurus is a program meant for older children that challenges them to dig deeper into the world of Classical Music and Vocals. Children would be “taught” the basics in Hindustani Classical, albeit with a twist.


Priya said...

Sounds very interesting Art!
The real reason however for me writing in is the header pic of the two lovlies, looking so very cute in their traditional attires :)

Swaram said...

This is awesome!