July 14, 2013

Alphabet Dress up- The Book

Written by : Nalini Sorensen
Illustrated & Designed by : Shraddha Pimputkar
Ages- 3 and up
Today's kids think they need to take costumes on hire to enact a role. 
Here is a refreshing look at the world of pretend play:
Playing dress-up is magical,
It 's really so much fun
You just need to imagine
And you could be anyone

A new age alphabet book, the book works for reinforcing the alphabet and the sounds, as an introduction to professions and as an aid to imagination - while playing dress- up! What is more, there is a card game with the book that will help kids have fun and reinforce the written word.

The rhyme is delightful and never forced.
The illustrations are colorful  and uncluttered starting with A (Astronaut) to Z (Zoo keeper).
Look out for the small picture cues of other works that begin with the same letter ( eg. Y on a yak on the Yoga Instructor's T- shirt)
There are no gender stereotypes since the girl and the boy don various roles in turn.

Some of the professions are familiar and some new and imaginative, but all are treated with equal respect. The book works as a subtle reminder of how all of us have an important role to play.
Fairy and queen did not sit very well for me, as they are not professions but of course they give ample opportunity for dress up and pretend play. More nods to blue collar/ manual labour in the form of a farmer/ fisherman and perhaps quiz master would have made the book perfect for me.

The book appealed so much to my 7 year old that she went on to pretend to be an explorer ( ably assisted by  an atlas, a backpack, a little sister and a lot of imagination) The fun went on for an hour or more!!

The book launch was accompanied by an event calling for kids to dress up ( not as in fancy/ party wear or store bought costumes)  but using simple home props to come up with a look to suit a profession.

The three ladies behind the book are associated with Cuddle Foundation and part of the sale proceeds will go towards the care of cancer affected kids. Kudos to the book with more than one cause!

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Gayatri said...

The book sounds great. It can make a good birthday present.
I would like to ask your help/pointers for planning itinerary in Boston. Would you mind sending me a list of things you could do with kids please
Thank you