July 01, 2013


At 10.30 pm, Aditi asked if we were going row boating when I guided Navy to take the road towards Ulsoor lake.

She wanted us to dress up fancy on our 'wedding' day. 
We celebrated 14 yrs of marriage. 
Missed getting Situ Paati's blessing but other than that, I would not want to change anything about our life.

We watched Extra Terrestrials and the four of us enjoyed the show. Fab acts!
 In between Aditi quipped" How can they do this amma? How is it possible"
" Because they are experts Adi"
" Like Anushka? They are as good as Anush??!!"
Sister Worship Act at extreme!

We had great fun at Navy's cousin's wedding. Aditi has taken a huge liking towards her youngest cousin and calls him "my baby "

In other news, found a pic of Aditi, used without my permission, on an anti child abuse site!
Pointed out to them and they immediately took it off line.


B o o. said...

Hi art, coming by after a long time and caught up with your posts. So good to read about the girls. Glad that you are blogging regularly unlike many of us! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Art:

Heartiest congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

Glad to know that they removed your daughter's pic.

More later,

warm wishes


Artnavy said...

I remember