July 31, 2013

Aa- Ba-Ca

Went to Aditi's school for observation and was enchanted.

That she is into numbers I knew, but she is far more patient ( than at home) with very little need for instruction. Organized and meticulous too.

Best of all, she spells words herself - from radish  to mesh and van to hat.

Love her calm and composed teacher.... glad we chose this school for Adi.

Today she wanted me to come for observation again!!


padmamanasa said...

wow, that is soo cool. If you do not mind can you let e know the school details. We are looking for a school for our 2 year old...

Hunter said...

To which school is she going??? We are also staying in bangalore and are looking for a good montessori! btw, I am following your blog for quite sometime!!! Nice stuff out here! :)