June 13, 2013

Father's Day

I belive all these days are more of a commercial venture. I would think everyday is everybody's day, we need to love our treasured ones like there is no tomorrow.

However, I chanced on an interesting contest on pictures of dad with their kids

I tried to recollect my favourite pic with my father- there are not too many pics since he was behind the camera for most part.

I love the one taken at my wedding, during the thaali. I could not see him then as I was seated on his lap.
When the pictures came in, I could see what must have been going on inside him.
While one may joke, it was because of the load on his lap, I would like to think otherwise.

It was Appa's b'day last Sunday and Anush made a card which proclaims him the best thaathu in the whole world. This is the role we undoubtedly love him in most of all.

Happy Birthday Appa and may men like you  flourish and make this world nicer for your grandkids.

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