March 14, 2013


Did not realise how much I talk till this bad sore throat left me voiceless.

I talk clients .....with my folks... to the kids....I talk a lot.

I miss singing too.

Cannot imagine that spa where they insist that you sit quiet for a week or more!

Aditi very cutely asked God in her prayer to get rid of my cough
Anush wanted me to take off from work
I know my girls will speak for me!! 


While on words, read the first of the Shiva Triology! Better late than never huh?

A great and researched story and an okay writing style but still a gripping read.


RGB said...

I can imagine! I had such an experience almost 3 years back, and it was awful! I skipped meetings and everything for those 2-3 days...and had to write down stuff for my colleagues to get things done!!

Lavs said...

gripping read.yes!completed the trilogy:)