March 01, 2013

Our home tour at Coloursdecor

Well it is more of a hall tour right now. Do visit and let me know if you like what you see here

A HUGE thanks to Patricia for taking the effort to find out and showcase our new home at her wonderful, creative, warm place in blogworld- COLOURSDECOR.


Cuckoo said...

WOWWWWWW! What a LOVERRRRRLY house :) You've got a great idea of style, the house is beautiful at the same time inviting. Not the oh-if-i-sit-i'll-break-something kinda house. Here's to many more interesting additions.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Art... I loved your kettle collections... very inspiring...

cant wait to see more

Sujatha Ramesh

TPL said...

Loved it!
My favorite(s) are the orange paai type curtains and the kettle collection. Feels warm and "lived-in". Great job Art.

mnamma said...

We have taken a sneak peek before but this detailed tour was just awesome. Every little nook and corner is beautiful Art!!!! I absolutely love the kettle collection yin-yan shelf!!