February 18, 2013

The Week that was

Took Aditi on a metro train ride after a gap. She loved it and came up with her own song  in the lift-
Where are we going ? Going?
We are going in a metro train 
Oh Yeah  Oh yeah

Hands of India was great as usual and I splurged on kurtas and resisted saris.

Did a very satisfying session in AV and you can gather more on that at Art's Tales soon.

Attended the launch of Bookalore and met some awesome people.

Went to a farm with S and family and enjoyed fresh carrots and chillies and what not

The apartment annual day was held and MUCH enjoyed by the girls and me

I travelled on work to Ahmedabad and Chennai.

It has been a two weeks since Paati passed away.
No one to instantly give saftey pins on request ( she kept them on her chain)
No one who cannot get by without a second coffee in the morning anymore.....

Must mention that my cousin's visit proved a good distraction and kept the house full enough.


nanands said...

Now we have to pay for Aditi's Metro rides, as her height is more than the cut-off at the turnstile!!!

sandhya said...

And you met me!! :)

About Paati - those little things do matter, don't they? Hugs.

Arundhati said...

Where is this farm?

And you meant Bookalore, right?

I find myself praying for Paati even now... maybe out of habit