January 02, 2013

Hanging on a thread

A tight rope walk it used to be to search out earrings in the box you see on the right.

And now we are well wired and organised!

But I am surprised by the number of ear-rings my little girls have.

Happy 2013 everyone! May it be a smooth inviting ride.


R's Mom said...

Oh WOW! I loved that one :)

does Aditi also change her earrings???

padmamanasa said...

Loved the idea & those beautiful can boxes on wonderfully organized cupboard, I am sooo waiting to see your home tour!

~nm said...

Are you sure all of these belong to you girls? Or is mommy dear also owns some of these but putting it in their name ;)

Kavs said...

Lovely collection!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord Art! Showing this to my girls (NOT)!

My 12 yo has maybe 5 pairs at max, and she probably takes off her gold ones 5 times a year. 7 yo - no concept of changing earrings.

But given their lazy mommy, what else can one expect?!


Artnavy said...

These earrings are mostly gifts!!

A few are handed down from me to them...never realised we had soooo many!!

Adi is not allowed to change but she has her way once a week or so for a few hours

Anush does not enjoy changing earrings much unlike a few years ago- now it is on ocassion....