November 30, 2012

Shifting Places

Last we moved home was from Chennai to Bangalore in March 2010
We were not sure of the city, our tenure here and now after almost three years, it is time to move again.

Within Bangalore. To our own home.

Aditi is older now and sort of understands that we are packing things up.
So every now and then she states an object of liking, XYZ and states" Pl take my XYZ to SC..." She is adept at snipping sticky tape when we pack cartons

Anush helped a lot with the books - sorting and classifying them and then reading a few old favourites while at it.

My super efficient father is around this time and together with Amma they are packing veterans. So I think it should be an easy enough move overall. Touch wood.

The place we called home so far has been kind to us. It made us comfy in a rather alien city. Adi began playschool and school here. Anush moved schools. My home office worked out well. Birthdays, get togethers, visits from friends and relatives, festivals, few but nice neighbours......lots of memories got created here.

But surprisingly, I am not feeling bad about moving on!

See you in December now. Will be off line for a bit. Wish us luck!


R's Mom said...

oh super congrats on the new house..and hope the shifting gets done swiftly and safely :)

sundar said...

Happy new Home :-)) all d best

Uma said...

Good luck, Arthi!

Krishnan said...

Wishing you tonnes and tonnes of luck...