November 22, 2012


While the beach is a clean and empty one, the temple is full of a mela kind of atmosphere with way too many people. Am not sure if going very early would help.

The temple is gorgeous though a lot of it is broken due to mindless violence and general aging as well.

There are mammoth animal entrances on three sides, lovely intricate carvings, including some with great stories ( a pining wife at a door, a family bidding goodbye to the father, a  giraffe in Orissa of those days, heating with a fire between legs as a cure for infertility) and lots of suggestive erotica.

The 12 wheels are in full glory with the gap between the spokes representing 3hrs and therefore in total 24 hrs.

We had a great guide who made the place come alive with his tales and gentle manner.
The OTDC is a clean and nice place to refresh and eat and even stay.


Krishnan said...

I guess we had the same guide :-) his name escapes me.

artnavy said...

An elderly man who was at ease in both English and Hindi and had an umbrella handy for the kids ??

Krishnan said...

The same guy !

Krishnan said...

In the top picture you have, I see zen like serenity reflected in Anush's face..lovely.

AA_Mom said...

The heating with fire between the legs is to make the area sterile after childbirth and not a cure for infertility. Back in those days this was a very common technique before antibiotics were given orally.