November 15, 2012

Food for the Soul

The prasad/ bhog at Puri and other temples in Orissa is really inviting, especially in terms of their olfactory appeal.  It looks like a kichdi and is sold in small mud pots.

The ubiqutous  foods of the state are: aloo chup ( bonda), samosa, bara ( vada) , gulgula, kaaja ( a sweet) and chennapoda ( a kind of pannner like sweet). You also get a kind of dahi vada with a lot of mixture on it.

Another interesting snack is a sprout salad that hawkers sell and serve in a leaf bowl and leaf spoon!


mim said...

i loved the header of both girls on the swing,

i came back to check if it was still on...

but this one is lovely too...

what a quaint idea -- a leaf for a spoon.

there should be a kiddies book on these things...

the leaves that people on... in various states.

take it away, art!

mim said...

the leaves that people eat on!

heh heh!

Krishnan said...

We really relished chennapoda.