November 29, 2012

Bear Hugs

Anushka is into reading chapter books in a big way and right now her favourite is the timeless staple- Enid Blyton.

She was helping me sort the picture books for our move and paused every now and then to read old favourites.

She was so moved by Tulika's Beboo Bear that I found her sobbing when I got back to the room.

I felt really bad for assuming that she is old enough to read all picture books herself. While reading them is easy, the content of some books can be pretty difficult to handle for a seven year old.
We had a chat and she has decided to help out in whatever way she can. She plans to share the book with her friends at school at Show and tell to begin with. And her Amma's blog. So here it is for all of you to take note and to spread the word among your little ones.

Hope to see more in the series of 4 from Tulika. Maybe time they did something for birds - why not the common sparrow which is not so common any more?

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sandhya said...

Hugs, Art! And a tight hug to the big little girl. So wonderful that she wants to something about it.