October 15, 2012

Dussera Beckons

The Landmark book reading went off well. Good turn out too. Thanks to Poppins Mom as well for this. Little Reading Bees right now has presence in Mumbai and in Chennai. Much awaited here in Blore, I must say!

Anush went for the Atta Galatta's Tulika Myths story telling with friend S and had a great time. I think a milestone of sorts as this is the first time she went anywhere without family. But S is almost family now!

House work is on in full swing. Money really goes out much faster than it comes in.


Golu dolls came out last night for their annual outing. Great fun and Aditi enjoyed singing all kinds of devotional songs with her sister.

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3mik said...

You are lucky.My kids are always fighting and i am fed up of seeing bruises. But i still love them.