October 01, 2012

Culture Trail Weekend

Attended Vastrabharana- really nice and still on. GO!! There are lots of craft stalls to engage the kids. Got myself a phulkari stole finally!

Went and saw the sand scuplted Ganesha at the Bengalurur Ganesh Utsava. Utterly gorgeous.

Went for the movie OMG- loved it! And if that is not enough, Akshay Kumar looks delectable.

Gave Mora a miss- lest I succumb to temptation and pay through my nose for a sari I will wear maybe twice in my life. Was not an easy decision.


Anonymous said...

Hello Art:

Nice to know that you and the little ladies had a good time.
How about posting a pic of your stole?

warm wishes


Lavs said...

what is this mora stuff?any link?