September 20, 2012


Had a lot of fun and food this Ganesh Chaturthi. The kids helped decorate the clay Ganapati (which is what we get anyway even pre the eco drive began). Anush made one by herself with clay. This was the first time we included Gauri, since we are in Karnataka now.
The girls also did the acchu ( rangoli die with holes) rangoli and all the way to the lift- looked so inviting! We did a flower kolam with left over flowers and a colourful powder rangoli as well.

We all sang all the Ganesha songs we knew together. It really is a great feeling even if some of our singing was off key!

Amma made all the goodies ( 3 kinds of modaks- salt, coconut and dal filled kozhkottais, vadas - two kinds an dthe yummiest appams)  as usual and we devoured it all.

Did something towards the new home - completed the kitchen and lighting shopping at Commercial Street with Appa.

Went and enjoyed and cried as we saw Burfi (Great movie, tad too long, wonderful music, Priyanka over rated, Lyrical scenes- watch out for when Ranbir is 'painting')

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Swaram said...

Loved the celebrations. Such a happy feel to the entire post :)

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to all of u!