September 07, 2012

Books are precious!

1 day. 1 book. 100 story telling sessions – working towards a reading India. By Pratham Books.

Abha (Mamma Mia) , pointed me to the event and I was keen to be a part of the 'International Literacy Day' (8th September) initiative by Pratham Books. The chosen book is one of their newest titles - “Susheela's Kolams”.

I loved books as a child and they have given me joy and solace , guidance and friendship and most of all companionship (since I was an only child with working parents). If I could share this feeling with some children, why not? I feel sad that not all kids have access to books and not all who have access enjoy them.  

Pratham Books has been really forthcoming and I am excited to be a part of this with none other than Shruti of Artsy Craftsy fame. We are doing it together with some activities added on at Anand Vidyalaya.

Do donate books to these kids at the school, directly, if you can.
They can be old or new, as long as they are readable, complete and child friendly/ appropriate.
Target Age- 7- 15 yrs. If you need help, drop me a mail.


R's Mom said...

Woohoo! super you are on a roll eh? thats wonderful Art :)

ArtsyCraftsyMom said...

:) I'm so glad we are doing this.. really means a lot to me!

liju philip said...

lovely initiative there. wish i could donate too...though my books are all for the grown ups.