October 24, 2011

A (no)cracker of a Diwali?

Standard fireworks have stalls in large grounds all over the place.
Went and picked up some non noisy crackers. Though it amounted to a lot of money

Am unable to imagine a cracker less Diwali though it might be the more eco friendly option.

Would you refrain from buying crackers completely?


Anush and I enjoyed the Namma metro rides thanks to my father who got passes on time before the queues turned serpentine.


Unknown said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh.. U rode the Metro! :)
I'm jealous.. The queues were really long I heard. We got the non noisy crackers too.. can't imagine a Diwali without them.

Bhargavi said...

Commenting here for the first time.. You have adorable kids and a cool blog.. This year, though i've seen a few cracked shops in the city, i dont see too many people actually bursting crackers..With every single generation , the age the kids stop bursting crackers gets lower.Happy Diwali to you and your family.

Uma said...

Pretty cards art!
I've not bought crackers since class 8 or so :)
Post Pattu, we buy exactly one saram, one box of sparklers, flower pots and sangu chakkaram. That's it!

Shankari said...

Happy Deepavali Art. We purchased some sparklers for the kid's sake this year. Now that we know we can buy fireworks, I am not sure if we can go back to the days when we used to not have any here! But back home, my brother's family have stopped buying fireworks, two years in a row. So maybe some people can celebrate diwali without them!