October 11, 2011

Card for all seasons

Anushka, like a lot of kids her age, makes cards for all occasions and people.

There are many get well soon, welcome home cards that keep happening at home.

Here are some that I wish to share for Shruti's Arsty Craftsy:

She did these as farewell cards in her Montessori school

She made this one on paintbrush and wanted to print it

She sketched and coloured this herself for Krishnashtami ( inspired by Ghee happy)

She made this for her school for the Ganesh festival

She used blocks we bought outside Bull temple for this

Will post more as I click them.


sandhya said...


BTW, check out your gollu on my blog.

Unknown said...

Link them in :) Cute ones all..

Shankari said...

So creative Art! I loved the detailing on the Krishna and Ganesha cards. She is one talented kiddo!

Uma said...

love the krishna and the paint brush stuff that she has made...

love sms said...

really a nice blog ,