September 20, 2011

What is on the menu?

A pen and some one side paper = one afternoon full of FUN for and with Anushka

You can see she likes watching Masterchef, Fabulous cakes, Highway on my plate.
And she has hardly a clue but a LOT of curiosity about non veg.

And no, she did not mean snack- she meant snake. Though she meant Meat and not meet.


Lavs said...

How interesting. LB is learning about "people who help us" and has taken his role playing of waiter to heart. Every waking moment is spent roaming around with a piece of paper and pen and asking us to order food.

Gayatri said...

- Sweet :)
- No matter how many toys you get them they find their way into 'real' life play don't they :D

sandhya said...

Me like the 'wofle'! Though at Rs 200 it is pretty steep!