September 23, 2011

Sport of the day

Anush's first Sports Day and what fun she had.

She was pleased about everything, most of all with the silver medal and certificate in a Balloon race that was held. Despite her filling in the blanks (in a politically correct manner) that it was more important to participate and have FUN.

She had her first taste of a team rooting for her and was thrilled by the way the prefects showered accolades on her.

I relived my childhood when I saw the yoga and the pyramid builders.

The modern act with hoops was very enchanting and some of the kids were just flawless. Inspired, Anush has got one for herself to practise and perfect over the holidays.

Also very thoughtful was the inclusive way in which a boy with very obvious growth disability was an integral part of the event.

Aditi has again taken ill. She missed a school picnic I was looking forward for her to go to. Why do my kids always fall ill around birthday time?


Unknown said...

Awww.. Its the climate. Hope aditi recovers really fast :)

n sports day is so much fun.. last sports day they made the mommies run. :D

Poorna said...

Love reading about your kids, they are so charming!

Hope Aditi recovers soon.