September 05, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

Here is what Anush made for her teachers using blocks:

I debuted as a story teller last weekend at Monkey Maze in Indira Nagar with Elefunt Tales.

A great experience and hopefully one of many more to come

Had an audience of about 25 kids and some parents

Did some elephant theme stories with a lot of Jeeva pointers sprinkled in and some craft

Cherry on the icing- 2-3 kids wanted me to continue and kept asking me for more crafts!

While on craft we went to this neo-rustic cafe called Chaipatty. Navy and I had opposite opinions on the food there. Pic courtesy Anush:

And here is an interview at ST with the inimitable Jeeva! Don't miss this chance to leave your questions in the comments on the post at ST? She has agreed genrously to respond to them!


sandhya said...

Happy Teachers' Day to you too!

Mama - Mia said...

and what was your view?! :)

i have been wanting to go here. but its more to just see the place over a cuppa chai.

Lavs said...

How many more facets of yours is hiding???

Congrats on story telling debut. you must do one session for chennai kids. what say chennai bloggers?

The block printed cards look lovely. Where does one get to buy those blocks? Want to buy some for LB. He is into drawing and colouring a lot these days.

Was wondering when Jeeva will get featured in ST. about time i say:)

Swapna said...

Congrats on the new avtar Art...
wishing many more to come.

Choxbox said...

@Lavs, we got some at the Dastkaar exhibition in Bangalore. And agree - lovely cards :)

@Art: Do tell - what did you think of Chaipatty? Have been meaning to go there forever now.

Lavs said...

@Choxbox-Thanks. It means I need to visit that exhibition next time it comes to chennai:)

Artnavy said...


u shld get it near the kapaleeswar koil all the time or maybe in Sundari's handricraft section as well

we go it outside bull temple here in blore

chaipatty i liked a lot- food and ambience- a bit cramped though it is

navy did not like it at all- too intrusive and no great shakes in terms of food he felt

Choxbox said...

We went on a weekday that too late morning, so there was no one except us, and we parked for 3 hrs!

Chaggoholic.... said...

Thanks for the mention :) We hope to make it fun interacting over a cup of chai and pakodas the next time you are there.

Chirag (Chaipatty)