September 02, 2011

Dhobhi Ghaat/ Washermanpet

Here is a pic from the Chunchi fun:
Really indulged ourselves with all the goodies yesterday- 3 types of kozhakottais, 3 types of vadas and a grand meal. Today we had starting trouble in the morning- something rather unusual in this household.


sandhya said...

I see ads on your blog, Art.

mim said...

me too. i see those ads. burgers or some such

Gayatri said...

- Absolute fun!:D
- I don't see any ads :)
- We have a starting trouble every single working day :b

Artnavy said...

those ads are something being tested by my cousin

u can see the rest as well right?

Anonymous said...

Art - I see a picture of your older daughter in the latest issue of Kumudum Snehithi (its the tamil magazine). The web version surely has it, not sure about the print version. Dont know if you had given the rights..just thought will let you know.. - Anu

Artnavy said...

No Anu I am not aware of this
Thanks fo rletting u sknow
Would you send me the weblink by email pl