September 29, 2011

Announcing with Band Baaja ..........Golu 2011!!!

In the picture, 3 sets of music bands in wood and clay, elephant series puzzle, national leaders

Golu or Kolu or as the Japanese call it Hina Matsuri is here.
And my appa graciously sourced and set up a seven step stand for us to decorate.
So unlike last time, we have a proper stand and a larger surface area to play with.

Anush and even Aditi had fun unwrapping dolls, old and new. We set it up and the girls are painting a few earthen diyas daily.

In Bangalore, I am told Jaynaagr, Gandhi Bazaar and Malleswaram are best bets for Golu Bommais as is Mysore. Hopefully I get to visit one of them over the next weekend to add to the collection.


RS said...

Can we have the full picture of all the steps please? Would love to see the complete Bombe (gollu) collection.

Artnavy said...

Yes RS- will share on last day!!

Plan to show little parts that I love of the Golu one at a time