August 07, 2011

Red Day on a Cycle, a Keyboard recital, a PTA and Dastkaar

Hectic weekend and so satisfying except that Aditi seems to be having another bout of allergy/cough- poor thing! That did not stop her from inaugurating her new cycle. ( Anush's first that is)

Aditi celebrated red day in school or rather we did with great enthu. Pomegranates, strawberries and apples were duly packed for snack by the participative sister.

Anush had her first formal recital at the keyboard- she performed well enough as per me and very well as per her teacher. Three blind mice was perfect but Oh Susannah was almost there.

Anushka's PTA at her new big school was wonderful. Touchwood.

Made it to Dastkaar and I think I must quit going there for a couple of years till something really new gets presented.


Lavs said...

keyboard, dance...anush is going places. in the header image snap, she is resembling Navy a lil bit. when did she grow up so fast?my lil lady girl:)

Cloudy Musings said...

Oh my! Anush has grown up. Keyboard recitals and all that jazz. Even I could never reach up to that! Awesome. :)
Aditi and school already - wow! :O

ranjani.sathish said...

Anush is looking so sweet in the header pic and wow on the key board recital :-)