August 03, 2011

Drive me crazy

The other day I saw a man driving his car in peak traffic with his lesser than 2 yr old baby on his lap!

Did he not care for himself or the baby? What about the others on the road?

Then I began wondering why he was doing such a thing? Maybe a single dad? Maybe an emergency? What do you think?


And yes, we know little kids like to 'drive '- Aditi does too. But only when the car is completely stationary.


Choxbox said...

Agree Art.

Arundhati said...

Since this post, I've seen this happen a few times, one too many. Maybe if there were a law, it would help?

sandhya said...

A lady staying at my building drives with her 2 yr old -hold your breath- standing up in the front seat, without anything to protect/restrain! We (ladies in the complex) have told her gently/ with humour/point blank that it is so dangerous, but she just laughs it off!

Rohini said...

This is one of my major pet peeves.

An ex-colleague actually turned up his nose at my car seat saying that they never bought one for their daughter because it is too Western a concept for the child to be sitting alone in a seat at the back instead of in a parent's lap. Whatever.