August 17, 2011

Bhag Lal

Took Anush and her cousins for the Flower Show.

Felt that the flowers in natural set up ( both in the park and the show) were far prettier than the marriage -arrangement- like Bahai Temple and the very amateur Konark wheel.


We were at Chintamani for Independence Day and Anush and Aditi had fun at my MIL's school celebrations. Aditi also enjoyed the play park there. Will update pics from my MIL's cell sometime in the future.


Choxbox said...

LOL@ mandap-like arrangement!
But any excuse to go to Lal Bagh is good no?!

Artnavy said...

Absolutely right chox! we need to do a picnic post rains with the girls

Mama - Mia said...

we didnt go this year! and past two years when we did go, it was so hot in aug that the flowers would have started wilting by I - day! but like chox said, any reason is good enough! :)