May 18, 2011

What she did this summer...

Well technically she is still doing since summer is still on...
  • Sai Visharam, a beach resort in Karnataka
  • Chinatmani ( to be with indulgent grand folks)
  • Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh, Ulsoor lake
  • Stanley ka Dabba at the theatre
  • Green pocket ( at last)
  • A dentist visit
  • Some family dos
Need to go to Bangalore Palace sometime soon-  I have not been able to take her for this.

Summer surely has been with a capital S
  • Swimming - not been able to do much of late since the pool is in repair
  • Summer camp at Kids Kouch which included  key board, dance, story telling , craft and cooking
  • Swingers Dance workshop- which she thoroughly enjoys
Much to her disappointment, skating did not happen.

At home
  • (Cr)Art: Kolam from grandmas and Felt work with me
  • Hindi script by herself
  • Abacus - a bit reluctantly!!
  • Reading and being read stories
  • Globe hopping- using a globe/ atlas
  • India hopping- through dress up and discussion
  • Making cards for birthdays galore and writing notes
  • Helping in the kitchen- peeling veggies, juice making
  • Chilling out with her sister and generally being a kid- the BEST part

Oh yes, we paid off our house loan on flat no 2. Yipee to us. (Though we have a soft loan to pay off still to my dad :-) )
Time to  invest in Blore.


R's Mom said...

And I book mark this page for further reference :) Awesome Anush!

the mad momma said...

wha...? loan 2, too? ! Congrats and God bless.

sandhya said...

Anush sure has been busy!

Love the header picture!:)

Unknown said...

Love the header.. n Gosh! 2nd Loan too??? Congratulations.. must be such a relief :)