May 26, 2011

Spread the word(s)

Had an awesome get together of the Saffron Tree folks in Bangalore. We got to see gorgeous kids, exchange books and of course there was a lot of chat and eats. This time there was full attendance. Hope we have many more such.

BTW If you have old books to donate, (for ages 0-22 yrs) do get in touch with me or choxbox.

And here is Anushka's newer book shelf though we continue to patronise her old one as well.


Choxbox said...

Thanks Art - for hosting the meet in your lovely place (we just didn’t feel like leaving!), for the yummy food (could see the pains you had taken), for the book and for spreading the word.

Bonus was meeting the pretty Crazymom (who is anything but!)

sandhya said...

Enjoyed ourselves, Art! The paniarams (is that the correct name?) finished within 10 mins of reaching home. Thanks from the husband.

Choxbox said...

You mean they waited for the husband? Mine wasn’t that lucky ;)

RS said...

Hi Art - I took the liberty of tagging you.

Subhashree said...

Mine neither... in fact all the paniyarams were over by the time we walked into our house. When is the deadline?

Choxie: You are too kind or you are kidding :p

sandhya said...

Who said anything about waiting? We stepped into the house and I walked straight to the kitchen for a drink of water after dropping my bag upon the table. Next thing I knew, father and daughter were having an argument because he was had eaten too many of them for her liking! Knowing that I always return from an ST meet with some goodies, he had already opened my bag and tucked into them!:)