May 28, 2011

Mommyhood learnings

Rushme tagged me on this interesting Mommyhood tag. Doing a tag after a long time- Thanks!

Anushka was very excited about her uniform and we tried it out and I felt that the dull uniform acquired colour and character and actually brightened up once she donned it.

Lesson 1: When I was a non mom, I would laugh at the Indian Maatha on TV/ movies, I thought that I would be an objective and unbiased mother. Yeah, right!

Anushka quizzed me as to why kids have to wear uniform. Did office goers also wear them. Like in XYZ factory I reminded her where the boss uncle is a friend of Navy's. Then why does the boss uncle not wear the uniform? He should as per her logic that those who worked in the factory should be wearing the uniform.

Lesson2: Motherhood has made me take a closer look at how we do things and why we do things. I am amazed by the questions and the thoughts that little ones shoot about.

Aditi just loves to play with balloons but she is also scared of them if they are lying on the floor.

I did not get to even see Anush's first fallen milk tooth which I wanted to preserve. She thought it was yuck and had discarded it .

Lesson 3: Motherhood has taught me to go with the flow. Expect the unexpected. Don't feel embarrassed. Be more flexible with plans. That fun can be had with a broken bat or a piece of sparkly paper. Not be so particular as to how the house looks. Though once in a while the control freak in me takes over.

Parenting while working is a difficult task with travel and meetings and late evenings and so on to juggle with. But trusting anyone with your baby is not easy at all.

Lesson 4: How important it is to have support while rearing kids- be they parents ( like mine) or in laws or help or a spouse who can be home when you are not. I am so grateful to them.

While I have never feared my own death in the past, I wonder how my kids would survive if I were to die. I raise them to be empowered, but I hope that I am around for them. I want to keep things in order, write a will, make tapes / letters just in case.

Lesson 5: There is more purpose to my life than ever.

The kids are my recharge batteries (though they wear me out at times)

They make feel young and zestful ( though they think I am mighty big and old)

They make me feel good- I love me most as a mother and I have never loved myself more in any other role be it at work or as a daughter or a wife ( though the kids may not rate me the best mother in the years to come, I know I have tried my best and that is good enough)


Vibha said...

Truly emjoyed reading your post on the tag.

Gayatri said...

_ You are One of the best moms art....Yes you are :)
- Thumbs up!

R's Mom said...

Lovely Art! I enjoyed reading it :)

Sangitha said...

Nice. Know what you mean about not fearing death before kids. I do take care of myself better for them than for anyone else!

RS said...

Wow! Such a lovely post!