May 04, 2011

My Day !

I was flooded with gifts- flowers, sunglasses, a new cassette - CD- DVD- radio player, DVDs, clothes and cards, cake- cookies and wishes on FB, on the blog and in person/ over phone. Just when I thought it could not get better- we went for dinner to NH 8 - highly recco for veg Rajasthani food barring rotis all was stuff good.

Anush is attending Summer Fun at Swingers and is really having a ball!

Went to Kobe's sizzlers a few days back. Am note sure I like sizzlers anymore( barring the brownie one of course) though teh place and stuff was nice enough.

And here is an Anushism that left us in splits- we were attending a family do on Monday
Anush to her thaatha- " Thaathu, you are looking so smart! " Thaatu was in a gorgeous white kurta- pyjama.

Enter Navy in a white shirt and a mismatched off white dhoti. " Appa thaathu is looking so smart and you are looking so funny....." Navy will never forget to wear a contrast shirt now on with his dhoti.


Gayatri said...

- Awwww! U deserve every bit of it :)
- Achu's Swingers session starts next Monday

Neera said...

Belated happy Birthday dear ..good to know u had a fab day :)

Varsha said...

Cute Kids!! They call a spade a spade!